Friday, October 2, 2015

Reconnaissance Trip Day 3 - Our First Excursion

For our first outing the plan was to go to a Chocolate Tour in La Garita de Alajuela and eventually head up toward the town of Grecia.   This took us West on Route 27 out of Escazu.   We headed North on Radial El Coyol until we reached Route 3.   We headed East on Route 3.  All along the way we kept seeing signs advertising something called Viveros.  A new word for us so we continued on our path and endedup stopping at Vivero Central La Garita which was a HUGE plant nursery.  We enjoyed looking at all of the AMAZING plants available for growing in the area.  We asked for directions to the tour and actual did well communication with the nice gentleman.  We continued East on Route 3 and even though we had 'directions" we still missed our turnoff for the Chocolate Tour and continue on until we reached Route 118.  At this point we knew we had missed our stop but since we were early we took several side roads off of Route 118 that lead up into the hills to look at views and looking for signs that said "se alquilar (for rent)" or "se vende (for sale).  Beautiful views but not quite what we were wanting. 
CHOCOLATE TOUR:  We headed back down Route 3  to the Chocolate Tour which was a fenced off area with a very small sign.  We were met by a great guide who took us through learning the history of natures most sacred plant and the world´s most beloved food: CHOCOLATE,  She showed chocolate making, we had the chance to try the ancient Xoko Alt, a drink made some 4000 years ago by the original inventors of Chocolate.  She explained the medicinal value of Cacao.  The tour ended with trying MOLE and sampling high quality Cacao Dark Chocolate.  A very interesting tour. 
GRECIA;  We made our way back to Route 118 and headed North toward Grecia.   This route took us through several small towns including Carrillos, Tacares,

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